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Vice Chair of Board of Equalization




starts 01/01/2011

ends in 2015


Michelle Eunjoo Park Steel (born June 21, 1955) is the Vice Chair of the California Board of Equalization, the Republican member representing the Board’s 3rd District. She is currently California’s senior-ranking Republican constitutional officer.

Elected to the Board of Equalization in 2006 when Republican incumbent Claude Parrish ran unseccessfully for state Treasurer, Michelle Steel serves as the country’s highest ranking Korean American officeholder and California’s highest ranking Republican woman. She represents more than eight million people in the Board of Equalization’s Third District, which includes the counties of Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and portions of Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. Steel promised to protect taxpayers from the overbearing government that her family encountered. A signatory of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, she has stated she will oppose all new taxes and tax increases, and when adjudicating tax appeals, will always presume that a taxpayer is innocent until proven guilty.

In 2011, she was elected Vice Chair of the Board of Equalization.

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