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Mayor Pro Tem




starts 03/10/2013

ends in 2015


I am truly grateful and honored to have served you for the last 10-years. I assure you that I do my best to see that your tax dollars are put to efficient use to provide the services you depend on.

Although the past 3-years have been the most challenging fiscal times since the Great Depression, your Council has worked hard to maintain services and maintain a balanced yet frugal budget.

The State’s unrelenting strategy to syphon-off city finances for their own use, while adopting policies such as “prison realignment”, (the release of so-called non-violent felons into our communities), threaten our quality of life and our public safety. I commit to do everything I can to prevent these unwise policies from affecting you and your home. My commitment to public safety compels me to challenge the Governor and Legislature to reversing “re-alignment” program policies.

My family has been proud to call Covina home for over 35-years, and my love for Covina motivates me to continue to strive to make Covina a great place to live and do business. My commitment is to maintain Covina’s small town personality, while taking fullest advantage of our urban-geographical location to enhance commerce and expand your shopping and dining opportunities here at home.

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